4 simple questions to kick-start your digital fitness plan

Posted by: admin at 10:33 am on July 3rd, 2015

4 simple questions to kick-start your digital fitness plan

In my last post I talked how some of the things that can get in the way of digital evolution in a business. The language, the pace of change and the complexity.

Digital business stress is on the rise

There’s no denying it. Digital business is complex when you get down into the detail. There are a lot of moving parts, relative to the pre-internet business world.

Today it takes more than a great website to attract customers and keep them coming back. That means there’s a lot more to do and it can sometimes feel out of control. It’s easy to lose your business mojo as you struggle to keep up.

For a lot of businesses leaders there is that nagging feeling that they are not using digital as effectively as they could to accelerate growth. In fact many worry that they are not even keeping up.

And because digital affects every part of a business it can feel like an overwhelming task to take on those concerns. It’s easy to leave it on the back-burner or convince yourself that everything’s fine or that it’s not relevant to your business.

The need to build digital skills in-house

The solution for many is to simply outsource – it seems easier and less risky than building capability in-house. But it’s important to get the balance right or there’s a risk of stunting the development of the skills, techniques and focus required in-house to succeed in an increasingly digital market place.

Getting off the blocks 

So – suppose you wake tomorrow with the thought “we’re going to tackle the digital opportunity head-on”. Where do you start?

I recommend taking the time to step back from the digital detail and ask yourselves four simple, but fundamental questions, looking at your organisation and your customers through a digital business lens.

  1. What makes a great digital experience for a customer? (Think about the whole customer journey from their initial research through to purchase and beyond).
  2. Who do you think is getting it right?
  3. How do you compare?
  4. What is the digital business ambition for your organization?

That's just a starting point, and you may need some help to answer those questions. But the first step to digital business brilliance is being willing to ask those questions in the first place - and having the commitment to find the right answers.

Getting digitally fit doesn’t have to be painful

Getting fit for digital business doesn’t have to hurt. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Like getting physically fit, it takes some commitment and application. But it should be an enjoyable and refreshing process.

So start your digital fitness journey with those 4 simple questions. It’s worth it because when you’re fit for digital business you will feel and perform better in every department.